Audi Unveiled it’s New Redesigned Four-Rings Logo

German Luxury car maker Audi Unveiled its all new redesigned iconic four-tings logo. The New Four-Rings logo will first debut on the Q8 e-tron, which is actually a facelifted Audi E-tron. It will replace the ongoing 3d logo. The new logo offers a “modern image” to the brand. 

Audi designer André Georgi said that “Today’s chrome rings stand for high quality. The material alone conveys that message. But we believe that we have found the ‘new chrome’. The clarity of the new black-and-white rings makes our corporate identity unmistakable. The thin black border around the rings makes for a consistent, premium-quality appearance, regardless of the car’s paint or radiator-grille colour.”

Audi is yet to mention whether other line-up will be getting this badge or not. But the Q6 e-tron is expected to arrive first.

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