Okinawa Cruiser – Electric Scooter Estimated Price, Specs, Launch & Highlight

Okinawa is one of the most popular electric scooter manufacturers in India. with a wide variety of electric scooters across various segments. Started in 2015, Okinawa Autotech became India’s second-largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer in terms of sales. That makes this Start-up one of the fastest growing EV Start-up’s in India. Thanks to its wide range of electric scooters, which has its presence in almost every price bracket of electric scooter.

Okinawa has some exciting plans for 2023 by launching its Cruise, an electric maxi scooter. which was unveiled in Auto Expo 2020. It will be the first electric of its kind in India. But remember the scooter that was shown in 2020 was a prototype model so the production version may come with some changes.


At First Glance The Scooter seems to be bulky and heavy as a Maxi Scooter should be. It has a wide front profile and large headlight with DRL and indicator merged in it. However, the back side looks as normal as a standard electric scooter. The footrest is not flat, instead it gets a hump on the center due to which the rider can’t keep his feet at the center.

and to stop this Maxi electric scooter Okinawa offers front disc-brakes. The sad thing is it doesn’t get LED headlights or LED indicators except for the tail light. because it’s a Prototype, However we might get to see LED lights and indicators in production models.

Battery and Range

Cruiser comes with a 4kWh lithium-ion battery pack that claims a range up to 120 km/Charge. and Once it is out of juice, it will take 2 to 3 hours to charge 0-100%.

Power and Top Speed

Propelling this Maxi electric scooter is a 3kW BLDC motor, that helps the scooter to reach Top speed of 100kmph.


Being a modern Electric scooter, Okinawa Cruiser is loaded with feature like

  • Digital instrument console
  • Anti Theft Alarm
  • Central Locking
  • GPS
  • Side Stand Sensor
  • and Mobile Charging Point

Estimated price & Launch

Price of the Okinawa Cruiser could be Around 1 Lakh(Ex-Showroom). And as far as the launch date is concerned it’s expected to be around march 2023.

Okinawa Cruiser Highlights

Expected Price 1 Lakh (Ex-Showroom)
Battery Capacity 4kWh
Range 120 km/Charge
Motor Power 3kW
Top Speed 100 kmph
Expected Launch date March 2023

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