Electric two-wheeler sales in India to grow by 305% to over 600,000 units in CY2022

Year 2022 Has Been An Amazing Year For Electric Vehicles, In the financial year 2022, There are about 615,365 electric two-wheelers sold across India with a growth of 305% compared to previous year, Which is the highest ever EV sales in India. Translating this figure into average monthly sales of 52,280 means 1,686 Electric Two-Wheelers sold every day in 2022.

Ola Electric is at first with 108,130 units, whereas Okinawa Autotech is sitting at the second spot with 6,764 units. and this was the year where electric vehicles dominated the headlines for the whole year. There are 995,319 Electric Vehicles sold this year which includes all kinds of Electric Vehicle from car, bike, scooter, three wheelers and other various vehicle segments.

Majority of all these sales figures are of two-wheelers, for perspective, Electric Two-Wheelers hold 73 percent of the entire sales figure.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 best performing Two-wheeler brands of 2022.

1. ola electric: 108,130 units


Ola Electric is the largest electric two wheeler manufacturer in India. Ola captured the market with just one series of Scooter ‘The S1 Series’. Dominating the market with a single product when competitors have scooters in almost every category is really challenging. Adding to this, the brand alone holds 17% of market share in its segment.

But its competitors are not far behind either, Ola was just ahead  6,764 Units from Okinawa Autotech and 11,224 Units from third-placed Hero Electric.

2. okinawa autotech: 101,366 units


Okinawa Autotech, is one of companies that achieved significant success in a very short time, starting in 2015 Okinawa became India’s second largest Two-Wheeler manufacturer. Unlike Ola, Okinawa has a broad range of scooters from affordable to Premium.

Company has scooters for almost every price range in India. The brand also has a wide range of networks across India with over 350 dealers in key metro cities and now they’re planning to reach tier 2-3 cities as well as rural India.

3. hero electric: 96,906 units


with a total sales number of 96,906, hero electric sold an average 8,075 units every month. Hero Electric was the second player after Okinawa till October 2022, but after that Brand saw some downfall and couldn’t sustain its second position.

Hero Electric is actively charging its charging infrastructure and also has over 700 sales and service outlets. They recently tied up with jio to enable its customer to access the charging and battery swapping station which others can also use.

4. ampere vehicle: 79,592 units

Ampere Vehicles has seen good and consistent growth in 2022. with a 79,592 units sale in a year it became India’s fourth biggest EV Two-wheeler manufacturer. Company had a monthly sales of 6,632 units. which is an improvement from 5,631 units for the first six month. But the real growth was in October and November, in which the brand sold 10,964 and 12,259 scooters.

The Magnus EX was the scooter that brought most of the sales to the company due to its popularity and strong demand. Ampere Vehicles is also going to reveal a new scooter in the upcoming Auto Expo.

5. ather energy: 51,192 units

And the Fifth and last, Bengaluru based Indian start-up Ather Energy with 51.192 units. Ather is proactive to improve their supplier chain by opening more showrooms in different locations, which will reduce the waiting time and customer will not have to travel far if he lives in the village or a rural area as well.

Also in November 2023, Ather Energy also opened its new plays in Hosur in Tamil Nadu. which is capable of producing 420,000 units per annum, 250% more than previous 120,000 units. They also installed their 580th fast charging point in October. Company also has India’s fastest charging network for two-wheelers with Ather Grids, Company also going to install 1,400 grids by 2030 and 60% of them in Tier-2 and Tier 3 cities.

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