ola s1 pro vs vida v1 pro: which one is the best

Ola S1 Pro vs Vida V1 Pro

Ola S1 Pro vs Vida V1 Pro: Ola S1 has become India’s most popular and best selling electric scooter since its launch. At this price point, the range, performance, looks and features that this scooter offered, hardly any scooter would give. on 15 august 2021 Ola electric launched their first electric scooter, it became a big hit and is still there today.

Where it has been more than 1 year since Ola has introduced scooters in India and People is now started trusting on Ola. On the other hand, Vida is a brand new company whose name was not even heard by anyone a week ago. But Vida may be a new brand but it comes under Hero MotoCorp, which gives it the strong back support of Hero MotoCorp. and their gigantic network.

ola s1 pro vs vida v1 pro: range

Ola S1 pro price starts from ₹1.40 lakh and Vida V1 pro starts from 1.59 Lakh Ex-Showroom. Both the scooters come in almost the same price, but there is a difference of only 19k in the price of both of them. Which in most of the cases will have a major impact.

but still Ola has an advantage in terms of pricing.

battery capacity

Ola S1 pro has a single non-removable battery pack of 4 kWh. but the Vida V1 Pro has Dual-Removable Battery pack of 3.94 kWh which can also be charge at home or office. in terms of usability Vida V1 Pro.

Vida V1 Pro has better usability, which you can charge anywhere from the scooter, which becomes very convenient in daily life.

chargint time

Ola S1 Pro takes around 6 Hours and 50 minutes. while Vida V1 Pro takes 2 Hours and 50 minutes. it’s cleat that Vida V1 has better charging Capacity and Fast charging time with almost 1/3 time of Ola S1 Pro.


Electric vehicle is still in its initial stage and this is the reason why people do not trust electric vehicles as much as they trust ICE vehicles. But this scenario can also change with a good battery and vehicle warranty.

Ola S1 Pro comes with 3 Years / 40,000 km warranty (whichever is earlier) on both Vehicle and battery pack. Vida V1 Pro also offers 3 Years / 30,000 km drive warranty on Both Vehicle and battery pack.

Ola give’s 10,000 km of more drive warranty than Vida V1 Pro.

electric motor

Ola S1 Pro comes with 8.5 kWh mid-drive IPM motor. on the other hand Vida V1 comes with 6 kWh BLDC electric motor.

So in Electric motor size and power Ola S1 Pro is more powerful than Vida V1 Pro

top speed

talk about top speed, Ola S1 Pro has a top speed of 116 kmph. and Vida V1 has top speed of 80 kmph. Ola has an Advantage Because of the bigger Motor which can produce more power at higher speed.

as we seen Ola has Much Highest Top speed than Vida V1 Pro.


Ola S1Pro can reach 0 to 60 kmph in just 2.9 Seconds. While the Vida V1 Pro take 3.4 Seconds to reach 0 to 60 kmph.

it’s clear that Ola is Better in Initial Acceleration and Quicker then Vida V1 Pro.

available colors

Ola offers 10 Color option to choose from. where as Vida V1 Pro offers only 3. so if Colo was a choice then Ola definitely go ahead.

Ola S1 Pro Vida V1 Pro
Coral Glam Matte Abrax Orange
Jet Black Matte Sports Red
Marshmellow Matte White
Neo Mint  
Porcelain White  
Anthracite Grey  
Matt Black  
Midnight Blue  
Millenial Pink  
Liquid Silver  


Vida V1 Pro Ola S1 Pro
Remote start, Push button start Remote start, Push button start
Digital instrument console Digital instrument console
Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity
Navigation Navigation
Call/SMS alert Call/SMS alert
Roadside Assistance Geon Fencing
Geon Fencing Anti Theft Alarm
Anti Theft Alarm Music Control, OTA
USB charging Point External Speakers
Music Control, OTA Charging point
Cruise control Internet connectivity
Charging point Mobile application
Internet connectivity Fast charging
Mobile application Cruise control
Charging station locater Remote boot lock
Fast charging 7 Inch TFT touchscreen display
7 Inch TFT touchscreen display 36 L Underseat Storage
26 L Underseat Storage  

ola s1 pro vs vida v1 pro: which one is the best: conclusion

So this was the detailed comparison of Ola S1 Pro and Vida V1 Pro and We have listed all the points that a buyer considers before buying a good electric scooter. also we included colors and main features to give you brief view of scooter

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