top electric vehicle manufacturing companies in india

electric vehicle manufacturing companies Intro in india : The Electric Vehicle Market of India is increasing day by day and along with the demand of Customer for EV, the manufacturers are also launching many new products. And to support Go Green Campaign, and governments of different states is also giving subsidy on its behalf. So that more and more people can be persuaded to buy electric vehicles. But if there are good electric vehicles and they will be more beneficial than gasoline vehicles then people will buy defiantly them.

electric vehicle manufacturinng companies in india

Top electric vehicle manufacturing companies in India
TATA Motors
MG Motors
Mahindra Electric
Hero Electric
Ola Electric
Ather Energy

Tata motors

Tata Motors is one of the first electric vehicle manufacturers in India and therefore probably has a first mover advantage. Tata Nexon EV, Tata’s first electric car, was launched on January 2020 and since then Nexon EV is India’s best selling electric car. which has been liked the most by the people. Seeing the success of Nexon EV, Tata later launched many more electric vehicles such as Tigor EV, Nexon EV Max, Nexon EV Prime and Tata Expres-T EV. And all these all cars are based on Tata’s ZipTron technology which ensures smooth performance of the battery and long term reliability of the motor. Thanks to this technology, Tata can easily convert its exiting Combustion Engine car into proper electric vehicles. Such as Tata Nexon EV and Tata Tagore EV


  • Tata Nexon Ev
  • Tata Nexon Ev Prime
  • Tata Nexon Ev Max
  • Tata Tigor EV
  • Tata Expres-T EV


  • Tata Altroz EV
  • Tata Punch EV
  • Tata Curvv EV
  • Tata Avinya EV
  • Tata Sierra EV


top electric vehicle manufacturing companies in India

Hyundai made its electric vehicle journey in India in 2019 with the launch of Hyundai Kona Electric SUV. And at that time this segment was also not so mature, but now they are going to launch their 6 new electric cars in the Indian market by 2028, which they has officially announced. And for this project, Hyundai has already invested 512 million dollars. And very soon they are also going to launch his new Ioniq 5 in the Indian market which will be a Flagship level electric SUV with advanced features and boxy look.


  • Hyundai Kona electric


  • Hyundai Kona electric facelist
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5

mg motors

top electric vehicle manufacturing companies in India -

Although MG Motors is a Chinese company but people like its car a lot because this company gives full tech in its car. And apart from tech, MG cars also get features, safety and comfort, but now MG Motors has also entered the electric market with their ZS EV. Which they launched in India in January 2020 but recently MG Motors has launched its new facelift at March 2022. And with the launch of the new ZS EV facelift, MG has announced that they will launch one of his new electric vehicles in the India market by 2023. Which is going to be a mini electric car which will be quite affordable prices. which is going to be named E230.


  • MG ZS EV


  • MG E200
  • MG E230

mahindra electric

Mahindra evarito electric car

Mahindra Electric was the first Indian car company that first launched an electric vehicle in India in 2001, whose name was Mahindra Reva I. also known as India’s first zero polluting Electric Vehicle for city mobility Which was a very compact electric vehicle. But that time the market of Indian Electric Vehicle was negligible, so this car did not last much. But even after Rewa, Mahindra launched many electric vehicles in the Indian market which targeted different Category and different Segmant, whose name is something like this mahindra E20 plus, eVarito, Esupro, Treo and Mahindra eAlfa Mini. And not only this, Mahindra has recently launched its 5 new upcoming electric vehicles in August 2022. Which will be launched to begin from starting of December 2024 under two brand names BE (build electric) and XUV. those all new upcoming EV’s are Based in New EV platform called INDIGO EV PLATFORM.


  • Mahindra e20 plus
  • Mahindra eVarito
  • Mahindra eSupro
  • Mahindra Treo
  • Mahindra eAlfa mini


  • Mahindra BE 05
  • Mahindra BE 07
  • Mahindra BE 09
  • Mahindra XUV e8
  • Mahindra XUV e9

hero electric

Hero Electric sells the most electric two wheelers in India as well as holds the largest market in the market of electric two wheelers. At present, Hero Electric’s total 6 electric scooters are available in the Indian market such as photon, Optima CX, Flash, HYX NX, Atria, Eddy. If the sales of all two wheelers of Hero Electric two wheelers are included, then this company had sold around 8,958 electric two wheelers in July 2022. Which is more than any electric scooter sold by any company in India. and in our list of electric vehicle manufacturing companies in India this is the highest number of sales by any Brand. their plans to expand to a capacity of 1 million units in the next five years. which was 54,000 units in the last financial year 2021.


  • hero electric Optima CX
  • hero electric Photon
  • hero electric HYX HX
  • hero electric Flash
  • hero electric Atria
  • hero electric Eddy


  • hero electric AE-47 E-Bike
  • hero electric AE-75
  • hero electric AE-29
  • hero electric AE-3
  • hero electric AE-8


All Electric is a division of Ola Cabs which has disrupted the entire electric two market in a very short span of time with their Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooters. One of the reasons for the success of this scooter is its range of features and specifications which no electric scooter has ever offered in the Indian market. they works on the home delivery model, they do not have a single showroom in India, but now the company is about to start its own showroom dealership soon. this is one of the few companies whose first product was liked by the first time people so much that their sales increased more than the reputed companies who have many years of Experience


  • Ola S1
  • Ola S1 Pro


  • Ola Car EV


okinawa electric scooter -

Okinawa Autotech private limited is an 100% Indian electric two wheeler manufacturer which was established in 2015. Despite being a new company. Despite the new vibration, Okinawa is at the second position in the list of best selling electric two wheelers every month. If the sales of all their electric two wheelers are taken together, then in May 2022 total 7,339 units have been sold. their scooters come with a very sporty look, which attracts Youngster a lot. Also Okinawa is expanding its showrooms all across India rapidly so that people can get better after sale service for their E-scooter. But at present they have 300+ showrooms in India. and their product list includes Okinawa I-Praise+, Ridge Plus, R30, Okinawa Lite, Okhi-90 and Okinawa I-Praise Pro.


  • Okinawa I-Praise+
  • Okinawa I-Praise Pro
  • Okinawa Okhi-90
  • Okinawa R30
  • Okinawa Lite
  • Okinawa Ridge Plus
  • Okinawa Dual


  • Okinawa Cruiser
  • Okinawa Okhi-100


Ather 450X -

Ather Energy is a Bangalore based electric vehicle company founded in 2013 by Swapnil Jain and Satish Dundur. Two two products of Ather 450X and Other 450 Plus also have built-in charging infrastructure in India. called Ather Grid. Which has opened 330+ fast charging stations in 22+ cities and plans to install 5000 charging stations across the India in the next 3 years. This is the first made in India smart electric scooter which was first launched in 2016. But this scooter brought features that were not seen before in any scooter in India like a user-based profile, massive 7’inches touch screen, mobile app connectivity. Also apart from tech this scooter is very fast which can sprint from 0-40 kmph in just 3 seconds. and 0-60 in 6 Seconds.


  • Ather 450X
  • Ather 450 Plus


Ampere Magnus EX - top electric vehicle manufacturing companies in India

Ampere electric currently India’s third biggest electric two wheeler brand in February 2022. Started in 2008, this company is known today because of its electric scooter, but this electric scooter was not made by the start. The company used to supply vehicles on a government-Contract’s basis, but after 2 years of work, they launched their first electric scooter and V60. But as time passed, this company also got investment, in which one investor was Great Personality Shri Ratan Tata Sir. Currently This Ampere has a total of 4 products which target the Budget segment and also have a range of 40,000 to 80,000. and this products names are Reo, Zeal, Magnus EX, Magnus.

  • Ampere Magnus EX
  • Ampere Magnus
  • Ampere Zeal
  • Ampere Reo

top electric vehicle manufacturing companies in india : conslusion

So this was our top Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Companies in India. In which we have included only top and most selling companies out of all companies. In this, the electric vehicle company is included, regardless of whether it is a car, bike or scooter. We hope you liked it and got some value.

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