top 5 electric vehicle companies in india

Top 5 Electric Vehicle Companies in India: the government and companies of the whole world are supporting more and more electric vehicles. that is the reason why people are adopting electric vehicles very quickly in terms of anything else. And from here a chain reaction starts, as people will buy more electric vehicles, so companies will develop more. And we will get to see better electric vehicles over time. But the biggest problem with electric vehicles is their long lasting charging time. The solution of which will also come out soon because the Indian government is working on the ERS (Electric Road System) project. In which you will get the conductive rails and inductive coils embedded in the ground so that the car will be charged rarely while driving.

And the coming future of EV’s also depends on the present big payers, that’s why we have listed 5 Top Electric Vehicle Companies in India in the post. which has Two Car Brand and Three Two Wheelers Brand is included which is the biggest in terms of sales

top 5 electric vehicle companies in india: list

Companies Average Monthly Sales (EV)
Tata Motors2,469 Units
MG Motors355 Units
Hero Electric10,000 Units
Okinawa Autotech8,500 Units
Ampere6,200 Units

tata motors

Top 5 electric vehicle companies in India -

Tata Motors is India’s Leading Manufacturer and Seller which has the largest sales of Electric Vehicles across India. And this is one of the few first car companies that started the electric car trend in India. that’s why Tata Motors has the first mover advantage, which is still getting the benefit of them. their first electric car was the Tata Nexon EV based on a combustion engine car Nexon, but people liked that a lot. And the same Nexon EV alone occupying more than 65% of the electric car market today. Tata currently 3 electric cars of it’s own which is eventually based on their Combustion engine cars. Apart from this, Tata’s ZipTron technology ensures smooth ride and good performance of the car. And because of this technology, Tata can easily convert its combustion cars to electric like Nexon and Tigor. also we will get to see Altroz EV very soon.

Tata Electric Cars

  • Tata Nexon EV
  • Tata Nexon EV Max
  • Tata Tigor EV

Tata Upcoming Electric Cars

  • Tata Sierra
  • Tata Curvv
  • Tata Avinya
  • Tata Altroz EV
  • Tata Punch EV

mg motors

MG ZS EV - top 5 electric vehicle companies in India

NG Motors started its electric vehicle journey in India in 2021 when they launched their ZS EV in the Indian market for the first time. And since then this vehicle is the most feature rich car in its segment. Also MG Motors recently launched its new facelift in 2022, in which advanced driving features like ADAS (Advanced driver assistance systems) have also been added. Which is not found in any car in this segment. Despite being on the second number, there is a huge gap between the sales of Tata Motors. its monthly average only 355 units could be sold. And on the other hand, Tata’s sells up to 2,469. However, at present, MG Motors has not announced any upcoming electric car in India for next recent years.

MG Motors Electric Cars

  • MG ZS EV

MG Motors Upcoming Electric Cars

  • Not Announced/Teased Yet

hero electric

Hero Electric is at the top position in the Indian Electric two wheeler market. And thousands of electric scooters are sold all over the Indian. Hero Electric is one of the most well known brand in India which is in this industry since last 14 years. Maybe this is the reason why customers trust them. Compare any other Electric Two wheeler brand. Their goal is to make 1 million electric vehicles by 2025, at present Hero Electric has 2000 charging stations all over India. Hero Electric All Over India has 2000 charging stations and 20,000 pipelines which will make it easy for the customer to charge at various locations. In their last year 2021, more than 46,000 thousand electric scooters were sold across India which includes all electric scooter which are given below.

Hero Electric Scooter

  • Hero Electric Optima
  • Hero Electric Photon
  • Hero Electric NYX HX
  • Hero Electric Flash
  • Hero Electric Eddy
  • Hero Electric Artia

Hero Electric Upcoming Electric Scooter

  • Hero Electric AE-3
  • Hero Electric AE-8
  • Hero Electric AE-29
  • Hero Electric AE-75

okinawa autotech

Okinawa Okhi-90

Okinawa Autotech was started in 2015 with Goal to make India a major player in electric and sustainable mobility. And to a large extent, this goal seems to be being completed because till now from the start. In just 7 years, Okinawa has become India’s second largest electric two wheeler manufacturer. Talk about sales, Okinawa Autotech sold Around 10,000 Electric scooter every month. To offer our products in different price brackets and also to have strong styling and features of the products. They have an electric scooter targeting every segment, be it entry level budget or premium electric scooter. Because of this, she has been able to capture a good market and that too so quickly. also their all electric scooter list goes like

Okinawa Electric scooter

  • Okinawa Dual
  • Okinawa Lite
  • Okinawa R30
  • Okinawa Ridge+
  • Okinawa I-Praise+
  • Okinawa I-PraisePro
  • Okinawa Okhi-90

Okinawa Upcoming Electric Scooter

  • Okinawa Cruiser
  • Okinawa Okhi-100


Ampere magnus - Top 5 Electric vehicle companies in India

Ampere Vehicles was Founded in June 2008 and is an Indian Electric Two Wheeler Manufacturer. And Currently It’s also the third largest electric two manufacturer in India right now. Initially company used to supply vehicles for government contract. And after years of innovation and lots of improvement, they finally launched their first electric scooter with the name of V60 in India. And after years of innovation and lots of improvement, they finally launched their first electric scooter in the name of V60 in India. This company makes most of the budget range electric scooters whose range ranges from 45,000 to 80,000 which most of the people can afford. And in this budget range electric scooter category comes their total 2 electric scooter which is

Ampere Electric Scooter

  • Ampere Magnus
  • Ampere Reo

Ampere Upcoming Electric Scooter

  • Not Announced/Teased Yet

top 5 electric vehicle companies in indiaL: conclusion

That’s why we have added them for this reason at the top of their respective fields at the time of the sari companies shown. And as soon as there is any change in their posting, we will update it in this list. So that’s it hope You got some value.

And tell us which one is your favorite company out of all these ?

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