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Tata Motors is India’s largest electric car manufacturing company and Tata alone dominates 96% of the entire electric market share in India. Most of which is Nexon EV which alone own more then 76% of its segment. So in view of this, Tata did some more changes and also launched its more vehicles in the market in electric version. this list includes every Tata electric cars in India.

tata’s plan about ev’s

Tata Motors is very Serious about His Electric Cars future. Tata Motors recently unveiled the new Concept electric car Avinya and SUV Curvv concept in 2022. Recently Tata has announced that by March 2026 it is going to reveal its 10 new electric vehicles. Which would be possible with a hefty investment of 2 billions of dollars. And for so many upcoming electric vehicles, Tata Power has also put forward an AIM to install 10,000 charging stations across India in the next 5 years. It’s not About just Tata Electric cars but Tata Motors overall Improved very well in past 5 Years.

all tata electric cars in india

Tata EV CarsEx-Showroom priceRange
Nexon EV₹ 14.99 – ₹ 17.50 lacks312KM
Nexon EV MAX₹ 18.34 – ₹ 19.84 Lacks437 KM
Tigor EV₹ 12.24 – ₹ 13.49 Lacks306 KM

1. tata nexon ev


When Tata felt that electric vehicles are becoming popular all over the world and all the big brands are launching their electric vehicles in the global market. they launched his first EV in January 2020 and since then Nexon EV has remained India’s best-selling electric vehicle even in 2022. Which is due to its excellent all over packaging in terms of size, and interior space and balance between affordability and premium features. This electric vehicle has played an important role in accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in india.


VariantsEx-Showroom Price
1. Nexon EV XM (Base)₹ 14.99 Lakh
2. Nexon EV XZ Plus (Second Base)₹ 16.30 Lakh
3. Nexon EV XZ Plus Dark Edition (Mid)₹ 16.49 Lakh
4. Nexon EV XZ Plus LUX (Second Top)₹ 17.30 Lakh
5. Nexon EV XZ Plus LUX Dark Edition (Top)₹ 17.50 Lakh


Tata Nexon Ev - tata electric cars in India

The Nexon EV doesn’t have any major changes Over the regular Nexon to its exterior. Expect blue EV badge on the sides and blur highlights from the regular Nexon (combustion engine) around the car. EV Nexon EV also gets dual tone colors with White top and second Body color which customer will choose. back also get signature blue highlight which horizontally covers the entire back. New technology has been used in this ev which Tata calls ZipTron, whose budding we get to see clearly in the back of the car. comes to side and instantly notice those 16 inches diamond-cut alloy wheel and black plastic padding on the side.

Exterior Verdict

16′ Inches diamond cut alloysDual-Tone Color
Electric Blue highlightsLED Headlights


The interior of the Nexon EV is also familiar like other Tata cars. Yet a few subtle updates have been made to give more premium appeal to the dashboard and cabin. along with dual-tone Interior. The dashboard is finished in Piano Black with a touch of blue highlights throughout the interior which gives it a minimalist yet nice look. You get a new Altroz-borrowed steering wheel with mid and infotainment control buttons on It. With 7’0inches Semi-Digital Instrument Cluster, the Nexon EV gets a 7′-inch floating infotainment screen. and a decent size sunroof offered for better cabin ventilation.

Interior Verdict

7′-inch infotainmentSteering Mounted Controls
SunroofDual-Tone Inteior


If there is one thing stopping people from switching to electric vehicles, it is the range, charging time and lack of charging stations in India. But if any car brand has the highest charging Stations in India, then it is from Tata. whose figure is about 600. it gets a 30.2Kwh Lithium-Ion battery pack. Which was based on Tata’s new ZipTron electric powertrain. And this was the first time that Tata introduced the ZipTron powertrain in a car. Tata Nexon EV have claims an ARAI-certified range of 312km. But the real world range is always less than the clammed range and here the real-world range is around 250-280km.


The range is good. Being a sub-compact SUV, you need to have enough power too. So this car will not disappoint you at all. Because electric cars are known for their instant torque Burst from 0 speed. with ZipTron powertrain Nexon EV able to produces 128hp and 245Nm of Peak torque. According to Tata motors Nexon EV is able to sprinting from o-100 in 9.9 Second While achieving top speed of 122km/h.

Nexon EV : Conclusion

If you need a SUV whose ground clearance is also low, running cost is also low and does not cost much maintenance, then you can consider Nexon EV. Coz This car is a well package New terms of price space range and features. And by the way, the regular Nexon (combustion Engine) is one of the top 10 best selling SUVs in India, so there is no question of Trust.

2. tata nexon ev max


Nexon has proved to be a blockbuster in the Indian electric car market but for those who cover long distance or those who prefer long range EV car. For them, Tata has launched the new Nexon EV Max with a Larger battery pack is also packed with more safety and slightly Premium and some more Safety. With long range Max also offers more Power and Fast Charging Time while Overall Driving Efficiency has been Increased in Nexon EV Max According to some Customer Reviews.


VariantsEx-Showroom price
Nexon EV Max XZ Pus ₹ 18.34 Lacks
Nexon EV Max XZ Pus Lux fast charger₹ 18.84 Lacks
Nexon EV Max XZ Pus Lux₹ 19.34 Lacks
Nexon EV Max XZ Pus Lux fast charger₹ 19.84 Lacks


Tata Nexon EV Max - Tata all electric cars in India

Since it has a bigger battery pack than the standard Nexon EV, that’s why its weight has increased by about 100 kg and to fit this bigger battery in the floor. The battery is now more space occupied than before, which reduces space to 15mm in the cabin and the ground clearance of this car has already dropped by 10mm. And some new colors are also available to this car which is  Intensi-Teal paint shade and other two being Daytona Grey and Pristine White . Apart from the new 16′-inch alloys with three new colors, there is no change in the exterior as compared to the standard.

Exterior Verdict

New 16′-inches Diamond Cut AlloysElectric Blue highlights
LED HeadlightsThree new colors


NEXON Max’s dual tone interior with similar blue highlight around the Dashboard is remains the same as a standard Nexon EV. A new drive selector knob has also been added to the EV Max, which has a clear display as well as colors change while changing gears. Which makes a satisfying click sound while doing it, red for sports, blue for city, green for eco and fourth is electronic parking brake. Which also comes with auto hold function. And in this both the front seats are ventilated, in which 3 level ventilation is given.

Interior Verdict

7′-inch infotainmentDual-Tone Inteior
Front ventilated SeatsNew gear knob


Now let’s talk about the thing for which Tata made Max is the range. For greater range, Tata has already used a 10.3 Kwh larger Lithium-Ion battery. and the result is Claimed range of 437 Kilometers in one single charge. which is higher than standards Nexon EV. also it’s more than enough for long rides too. and this is the car which has a highest range among all Tata electric cars in India. So EV Max is the clear option if someone looking from higher range Tata electric cars in India.


Not only the range, the power of the car has also been increased due to the bigger battery which now produces 143hp and 250Nm of peak torque. Which produces 14hp and 5Nm more torque. And as mentioned earlier it has 100kg more weight. but Despite being more heavy, it can do 0-100 in just 9.4 seconds which is faster than the standard Nexon EV. and now it can hit faster top speed of 137km where as Standard Nexon EV can reach 120km which is 17km more faster.


1.50 Lacks more than Nexon EV. Despite being expensive. with 33 percent large battery pack and 26 percent more real-world rang. and some feature Such as a Rear disk brake, ESP, Hill-Start Assist and Upmarket Luxury Features like Ventilated Front Seats which if you want safety along with good space, comfort features and also good range, then Tata Nexon EV can prove to be a good option for you.

3. tata tigor eV


Tata’s plan about Tigore EV was that the people with low budget could afford more electric vehicles and anyway they did not have any electric sedans. or any mass market electric car that targets more people. and It became India’s most affordable electric car just after launch


Variant Ex-Showroom price
Tigor EV XE₹ 12.49 Lacks
Tigor EV XM₹ 12.99 Lacks
Tigor EV ZX Plus₹ 13.49 Lacks
Tigor EV ZX Plus Dual Tone₹ 13.34 Lacks


tata tigor ev

Exterior is more or less the same as the gasoline powered Tigoe Expect the blue highlight lines in front and a rear of the car. It recently got an update in which the biggest change was the ZipTron powertrain. Tata does not offer alloy wheels in this car, whatever the variant. which is sad thing that we won’t alloy wheels in 2022. Because it’s a commercial car and it will also have it for commercial purpose so its owner will not make much difference with steel rims. although it has fancy looking wheel caps.

Exterior Verdict

Blue highlightsStylish wheel caps
New Dark Blue ColorClosed Front Grill


Considering it a commercial car, the interior is quite spacious and it gets all the required features along with some luxury features. and the only difference that you can notice over regular gasoline Tigor is a large Gear selector rotary Knob. In interior also highlight Blue in lots of panels including instrument cluster. and 7’inches Touch Screen at center console has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with radio and Bluetooth. The touch screen is small in todays Standard But despite the size being small, it is very easy to use. There are also features like automatic ac, reverse parking camera, connected car tech and Harman audio system.

Interior Verdict

7’inches infotainmentDigital Instrument Cluster
Rotary Gear KnobSteering Mounted Controls


Tigor EV offers battery pack of 26Kwh. And it gets charged from 0-80% in just 65 minutes with DC fast chargers of 25W. With the upgraded bigger battery pack in the facelift, it now claims an ARAI-certified range of 306km in one single Charge. But its real-world range will be around 180-200km per charge. But it also depends on the driver how he is driving and obviously rush driving will be reduce overall range.


Tata Says has also done tuning in the performance, due to which there has been a slight increase in its performance as well. But we should also not forget that this vehicle will mainly be used in city. It takes14.88 Seconds to sprint from 0-100 in Sport Mode. In drive mode, it takes very slow 29.28 seconds, which means about half a minute to go 0-100 for an EV. Braking regeneration is also available but its not as strong as normal waves it stops just like a gasoline car.


Being a compact sedan, it is great for the city. Light handling and right balance make it a perfect daily city car. what it was made for. Being Electric You can’t doubt its linear driving and smooth ride and there is no question of NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) level.

tata electric cars in india : conclusion

Tata Nexon Eve is a subcompact electric SUV that offers a balanced package and around the town range of 312KM. Where as EV Max comes with a little more range and some more luxury features with price difference of 1.50 lacks. And as i Mentioned Earlier Tigor EV is made for City Commercial Purpose only. which he does well.

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