Ather Launched New Stack 5 UI and Four New Colors With Some New Features For 450X

Ather Energy celebrated Ather Community Day on 7 January. On Occasion, Start-up launched Lots of New things which includes, The New Ather Stack 5, which brings all new user interface and unlocks some new features like the Auto Hold function which detect sloped and prevent scooter from rolling down. Another major update is the Trip Planner which shows charging stations in your trip and plans a new route if your given route does not have a charging station.

it’s “World’s only scooter with Google Maps Perspective view. Real-time traffic view. Tap to navigate.” Written on Ather’s official website

Start-up also added Four New colors for 450 line-up, which includes True Red, Cosmic Black, Lunar Grey & Salt Green, and now Ather 450 has 6 color options out of which the customer can choose the one of his choice. They also introduced a new, more wider, agronomical and comfortable seat which is narrow at front and at back it’s wider than previous seat, Ather claims that we can also fit these seats in existing Ather scooters.

Another update is the new accessory called ‘Ather Frunk’, it has pockets to keep your things in it like mobile phone, bottles and groceries. It’s Expandable up to 14 liters and can Carry load of up to 5 kg. However, it does not affect leg space, which is a good thing.

Ather also offers 5 years Ather battery protect, which assures battery health until the end of 5 years. with no-extra charges, no upper limit on claims, no ifs and buts, and if battery state-of-health falls below 70%, anytime in 5 years, they will replace it without asking any questions. The new Ather 450X owners get 5-year warranty as standard.

Tells us in comment which features you liked most.

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