Hyundai’s e-corner Module is 100 times better than Hummer’s Crab Walk

Recently Hyundai Mobis unveiled their newest e-corner module, Company also revealed the IONIQ 5 prototype that is equipped with four e-corner modules, In which all four wheels of the car can be rotated 90 degrees, which gives the car the ability to run in any deduction. The prototype is able to do 4 types of driving styles like the Crab Driving, Zero Turn, Diagonal Driving and Pivot Turn. Let’s understand some details about the Hyundai Mobis e-corner module.

Crab Driving

Hyundai's e-corner Module is 100 times better than Hummer's Crab Walk

In Crab Driving, the vehicle can turn their wheel up to 90 degrees, allowing the vehicle to drive in a straight horizontal line and giving the unparalleled maneuverability. The parking will be a piece of cake with this crab driving and you can take out your car with no effort at all.

Zero Turn

Hyundai's e-corner Module is 100 times better than Hummer's Crab Walk

In Zero Turn, all Four-Wheels turn 9 Degrees but this time the front type folds inside and the back tire unfolds outside which causes the full 360 Degree rotation of the vehicle while being on one sport.

Diagonal Driving

In Diagonal Driving, the wheel turns 45 Degree similar to GMC Hummer EV, All Four-Wheel turn 45 degree alloys vehicle to walk side just like the GMC Hummer EV.

Pivot Turn

in Pivot Turn The rear wheel turns 90 degrees while the front wheels stay the same which causes the back to rotate while the the front stay at the same spot. You can do this even without touching the steering wheel.

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