This Start-up can Easly Convert Almost Any Bicycle into an E-Bike

London-Based Start-up swytch Technology offers kits for bicycle which can convert almost every bicycle into e-bike in minutes, Including Hybrid, folding, Mountain, Road, Fixie and Ladies Bicycle. As e-bikes are becoming popular to go to nearby places, people are also preferring and buying this type of kits. However, Honda wants to target a wider market where anyone has a bicycle


The company offers 2 battery pack options in the bike, first one with 98Wh version and second one with 180kw, The 98kW version offers the bike a claimed range of 15km which can be charged using a 2A charger, However, The 180kW battery pack offers double the range of 30km and which can be charged from 2A/3A charger and supports fast charging.

Components and use

  • Power Pack(Battery) – The Power Pack contains the battery which provides power for your ride.
  • Leads – The high-quality leads connect each component together.
  • Mount & bracket – The mount holds the Power Pack and attaches to your bike with the versatile mount.
  • PAS – Detects as you pedal and sends a signal to the control system, triggering pedal assistance.
  • Charger – Tops up your Power Pack in as a little as an hour, to get you back on the ride in no time.
  • Motor wheel – Made to perfectly fit your bike, and provides 40nm of torque to boost your ride.


As we mentioned earlier kit offers two battery options, the 98kW Battery pack costs you around $500 and for the larger 180kW battery pack you have to pay $800. Currently, even if you order, you will not get it because the swytch has no stock left, but you can get it booked. Sadly, Although this company is not going to come to India yet.

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