both cars has different body style and different market but, what common is pricing gap of just 15 lakh which is not much considered as luxury electric car. let's who has a better specs.

1. Price XC40 Recharge: 55.90 Lakh i4: 69.90 Lakh

2. Range XC40 Recharge: 418 km i4: 590 km

3. Top speed XC40 Recharge: 180 km/h i4: 141 km/h

4. Fast Charging  XC40 Recharge: Yes i4: Yes

5. Battery Capacity XC40 Recharge: 78 kWh i4: 83.9 kWh

6. Max power (bhp) XC40 Recharge: 402 bhp i4: 335 bhp

6. Max Torque (NM) XC40 Recharge: 660 NM i4: 430 NM

7. Acceleration XC40 Recharge: 0-100 km/h in 4.9 Second i4: 0-100 km/h in 5.7 Second

9. Drive Train XC40 Recharge: AWD (all wheel drive) i4: AWD (all wheel drive)

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

Tahnk You For WAtching

Hope you got some value