Oben Rorr is Retro styling electric bike with modern features and sharp cuts. where as RV400 is the most popular electric bike in India. and we compared them, enjoy

1. Price Kratos: 1.22 - 1.37 lakh Rorr: 1.03 Lakh

2. Range Kratos: 180 km Rorr: 200 km

3. Top speed Kratos: 105 km/h Rorr: 100km/h

4. Service Center Kratos: Yes Kratos: Yes

5. Battery Capacity Kratos: 4 kWh Rorr: 4.4 kWh

6. Charging Time Kratos: 4.5 Hours Rorr: 2 Hours

7. Acceleration Kratos: 0-40 in 4 second Rorr: 0-40 in 3.0 second

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

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