Revolt RV400 and Tork Kratos both are made in India bikes. which both are taught competitor so we compared them with their specs. enjoy.

1. Price RV400: 1.25 lakh Kratos: 1.22 Lakh

2. Range iRV400: 150 km Kratos: 180 km

3. Top speed RV400: 85 km/h Kratos: 100km/h

4. Service Center iRV400: Yes Kratos: Yes

5. Battery Capacity RV400: 3.24 kWh Kratos: 4 kWh

6. Charging Time RV400: 4.5 Hours Kratos: 4.5 Hours

7. Acceleration RV400: 0-80 in 6.5 second Kratos: 0-40 in 4.0 second

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

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