Okinawa PraisePro and Pure EV Epluto 7g both has price difference of 5000 but if we take look at design that's the thing where both are completely different.

1. Price PraisePro: 87,593 Epluto 7g: 92,999

2. Range PraisePro: 88 km Epluto 7g: 120 km

3. Top speed PraisePro: 58 km/h Epluto 7g: 60 kmph

4. Service Center PraisePro: Yes Epluto 7g: Yes

5. Battery Capacity PraisePro: 2 kWh Epluto 7g: 2.5 kwh

6. Underseat storage PraisePro: 7 Ltr Epluto 7g: Yes

7. Acceleration praisePro: 0-60 in 24.1 second Epluto 7g: Not Claimed (Due to low top speed)

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

Tahnk You For WAtching

Hope you got some value