Okinawa PraisePro and Hero electric Optima both falls in same price bracket and gives tough competition to reach other in every category. so let's compare them.

1. Price PraisePro: 87,593 NYX: 86,570

2. Range PraisePro: 88 km NYX: 100 km

3. Top speed PraisePro: 58 km/h NYX: 42 km/h

4. Service Center PraisePro: Yes NYX: Yes

5. Battery Capacity PraisePro: 2 kWh NYX: Yes

6. Underseat storage PraisePro: 7 Ltr NYX: No Underseat Storage

7. Acceleration praisePro: 0-60 in 24.1 second NYX: No claimed time

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

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Hope you got some value