Both e scooters has a Removable Battery pack that you can charge any where, which makes these scooter value for money according to their price.

1. Price E1: 70,499 NYX: 86,570

2. Range E1: 85 km NYX: 100 km

3. Top speed E1: 68/h NYX: 42 km/h

4. Service Center PraisePro: Yes NYX: Yes

5. Battery Capacity E1: 1.9 kWh NYX: 48 V

6. Underseat storage E1: 12 Ltr NYX: No Underseat Storage

7. Acceleration E1: 0-40 in 8 second NYX: No claimed time

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

Tahnk You For WAtching

Hope you got some value