There is no difference in terms of Exteriro look in Epluto and Epluto 7g. but it's has very big changes underneath the body in terms of range top speed and power and pricing.

1. Price Epluto 7g: 92,999 Epluto: 80,999

2. Range Epluto 7g: 120 km Epluto: 85 km

3. Top speed Epluto 7g: 60 kmph Epluto: 25 kmph

4. Service Center Epluto 7g: Yes Epluto: Yes

5. Battery Capacity Epluto 7g: 2.5 kwh Epluto: 1.8 kwh

6. Underseat storage Epluto 7g: Yes Epluto: Yes

7. Acceleration Epluto 7g: 0-40 kmph in 5 Seconds. Epluto: Not Claimed (due to low top speed)

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

Tahnk You For WAtching

Hope you got some value