Hero electric Eddy is a low speed urban electric scooter. Where as Bounce infinity E1 is commuter electric scooter which can go for some long distances too. thanks to it's removable battery pack.

1. Price E1: 70,499 Eddy: 72,000

2. Range E1: 85 km Eddy: 85 km

3. Top speed E1: 68 kmpph Eddy: 25 kmph

4. Service Center E1: Yes Eddy: Yes

5. Battery Capacity E1: 1.9 kWh Eddy: 51.2 V

6. Underseat storage E1: 12 Ltr Eddy: Yes

7. Acceleration E1: 0-40 in 8 second Eddy: not claimed  (due to low top speed)

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

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