Mercedes and BMW both launched their electric car and EQC and iX are both first electric car from their brands. so lets compare them.

1. Price EQC: 99.50 Lakh iX: 1.16 Cr

2. Range EQC: 741 km iX: 425 km

3. Top speed EQC: 80 kmph iX: 63 kmph

4. Fast Charging  EQC: Yes iX: Yes

5. Battery Capacity EQC: 80 kWh iX: 71 kWh

6. Max power (bhp) EQC: 402 bhp iX: 321 bhp

6. Max Torque (NM) EQC: 760 NM iX: 630 NM

7. Acceleration EQC: 0-100 in 5.1 second iX: 0-100 in 4.1 second

9. Drive Train EQC: AWD (all wheel drive) iX: AWD (all wheel drive)

this is our comparison now you have to decide which one is for you

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Hope you got some value