Simple energy One is india's higest claimed range electric scooter. so here's 5 good things about One.

1. Impressive Performance

it can sprint from 0-40 km/h in just 3.3 Seconds and 0-50 in 3.6 seconds

2. Pretty Looks

Simple One is one of the cutest electric scooter in market with very edgy design, sharp cuts and those front light also look dope.

3. Removsble battery pack

with removable battery it's becomes very convenient and easy to charge scooter . which enable to charge battery wherever you want.

4. High Range

with 300+ claimed range and more than 200 km in real life. it becomes one of the longest range e scooter.

5. Price

with price rang of 1.10-1.45 Lakh it becomes very value for money for those who want all these features in One scooter.

Tahnk You For WAtching

Hope you got some value